• Avito Demand Prediction Kaggle competition

    Check the code  github

    Avito launched a competition on Kaggle challenging users to predict Avito to predict demand for an online advertisement based on its full description (title, description, images, etc.), its context (geographically where it was posted, similar ads already posted) and historical demand for similar ads...

  • AI Challenger English Chinese Machine Translation

    Ai Challenger a new Chinese platform for ai challenges, their first contest was related to machine translation system and I wanted to try my techniques in NMT systems on a system that I have no clue about its target Chinese language.

    In that contest I participated as Marb and got 25.50 bleu score on their evaluation .

  • Building Reservation System

    During Summer 2013, Faculty of Engineering Alexandria University announced a competition to make an online room reservation system with automated filling of rooms based on available courses along with their capacity and required equipment in the room, I won the first prize of this contest.


  • Working at Raisa

    I was able to get an offer from Raisa Egypt , a startup specialized in forecasting oil and gas from land geological features.

  • Working at Microsoft Research Lab

    I have always wanted to work in the field of machine learning and during my work at Valeo , I was participating in kaggle for learning purposes. Moving to Microsoft Lab helped me gain more industrial and research experience in the field.

  • Working at Valeo

    After graduating from Faculty of Engineering Alexandria university, I was lucky to get a recommendation at Valeo Automotive company, for 2 years and 3 months at Valeo I gained a broad knowledge in software development.

  • Bkam Internship as Software Engineer

    Bkam was a fast-growing startup specialized in online price comparison between available online and on-site products from several stores and get you the store link with the best price for a specific item.

    At my second year I was lucky to get a recommendation from my TA Ahmed ElSharkasy to join them.



Paper Review


  • Empowering the Next Generation My Journey with MISE

    In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, there’s a pressing need to cultivate diverse talent and foster inclusivity in STEM fields. One initiative that has personally enriched my journey and allowed me to contribute meaningfully to this cause is MISE (Machine Learning in Science and Engineering), a transformative program dedicated to equipping high school...