General Information

  • Name: Mostafa M. El Araby
  • Languages: Arabic, English, French


PhD in Computer Science (Started Fall 2020)

University of Montreal, Mila, Montreal, CA  google-scholar
  • Received Excellence Scholarship from DIRO department at Udem, Winter 2021
  • Research focused on out of distribution detection and generalization in autonomous driving

M.S.C. in Computer Science (Started Winter 2019 - August 2020)

University of Montreal, Mila, Montreal, CA  google-scholar
  • GPA 3.85 / 4.3
  • Thesis focused on neural networks compression using Mixed-Integer programming

B.S.E. in Computer Science (Graduated June 2014)

Alexandria University, Egypt  google-scholar
  • Major with Minor in Communications
  • GPA 3.3 / 4.0


Research Intern (May 2023 - Dec 2023)

Precision AI with Mitacs, Edmonton  codepen
  • Research in OOD detection within semantic segmentation

Research Intern (Jun 2019 - Sep 2019)

Microsoft ATL, Cairo  codepen
  • Led development of a dialectical Arabic to English machine translation system

Senior R&D Engineer (Sep 2018 - March 2019)

Tensorgraph  codepen
  • Deep learning approaches for chat bot systems

R&D Engineer (Nov 2016 – Jun 2018)

Microsoft ATL, Cairo  codepen
  • Generated dialectical data for enhancing machine translation systems

Software Engineer (Aug 2014 – Nov 2016)

Valeo, Cairo  codepen
  • Developed MATLAB Simulink tools for model generation

Publications/ Notable Projects

  • Identifying Critical Neurons in ANN Architectures, NeurIPS OPT 2020 (ElAraby et al., 2020)
  • OAMIP Optimizing ANN Architectures Using Mixed-Integer Programming (ElAraby et al., 2023)
  • Background Aware Continual Semantic Segmentation, Under review CRV 2024
  • GROOD GRadient-aware Out-Of-Distribution detection, Under review CVPR 2024 (ElAraby et al., 2023)
  • Continual Learning Challenge (CVPR21), June 2021
  • Imitation Learning for Lane Following (AI-DO), December 2019


  • Proficient in Pytorch, Tensorflow, C/C++, Java, Python, Scikit-Learn, and Matlab
  • Familiar with Docker, Singularity, Scala, Hadoop, PySpark, Nodejs, SQL, and MangoDB


  • Swimming
  • Kayaking
  • Travel


  • Masters' Supervisors: Margarida Carvalho and Guy Wolf
  • PhD Supervisor: Liam Paull


  1. ElAraby, M., Wolf, G., & Carvalho, M. (2020). Identifying critical neurons in ANN architectures using mixed integer programming. ArXiv Preprint ArXiv:2002.07259.
  2. ElAraby, M., Wolf, G., & Carvalho, M. (2023). OAMIP: Optimizing ANN Architectures Using Mixed-Integer Programming. International Conference on Integration of Constraint Programming, Artificial Intelligence, and Operations Research, 219–237.
  3. ElAraby, M., Sahoo, S., Pequignot, Y., Novello, P., & Paull, L. (2023). GROOD: GRadient-aware Out-Of-Distribution detection in interpolated manifolds. ArXiv Preprint ArXiv:2312.14427.