Working at Valeo

After graduating from Faculty of Engineering Alexandria university, I was lucky to get a recommendation at Valeo Automotive company, for 2 years and 3 months at Valeo I gained a broad knowledge in software development.

First Year at Valeo


When I graduated one of my friends Mahmoud El-Khateeb told me that there’s an opening at VIAS and he can recommend me for that position.

The interview process at a big automotive supplier was not an easy process, it took 2 full days the first one was an online technical exam, English exam and then the interview process began.

There was a total of 5 technical interviews related to software development and then 3 HR interviews

After less than a week I was got an offer from Valeo and started working with Power Train Systems team on Valeo Tooling Architecture Libraries, a set of libraries used in our projects (confidential).

My First Team

During that time, they gave me 2 technical trainings and 1 soft skills training per year which helped me broaden my knowledge and worked using various programming languages example: MATLAB, Simulink, Java C# and php.

During my first year , my team took an initiative to create an internal wiki knowledge base to share our team knowledge in it , and I was excited to participate in such an initiative to make it easier for new comers to gain the required knowledge in a fast and easy way (some terminologies are just internal at Valeo and can’t be found online so that was the purpose of the wiki).

The Wiki was an extra activity along with my original team tasks, after finishing the knowledge base using WordPress along with custom plugins for integration with Valeo Internal system, I gave a presentation to all Valeo departments to make use of it.

At Valeo, my first team was consisting of Senior engineers that I was lucky to learn from them the professional way of software development and communication, our work was mainly with Cergy team at France (in that time I used my knowledge in French language to give them the support they need when using our tools).

My sub team working on VTAL

My Second Year at Valeo

After finishing my first year at Valeo, I moved to another team CDV and at this time I was able to gain knowledge in the validation systems, I was working on a tool that is used to create automatically unit tests along with my Senior at that time Mohamed ElSobky

During that second year at Valeo I was working mainly on that tool along with the support of the wiki knowledge base

Unity Game Development Support

Also, I made use of my knowledge in Unity game development to give support to another team inside Valeo, giving extra team to support another team gave me a good experience even if that was making me spend more time at work.

Graduation Project Mentorship

During that year I was given the opportunity to be the mentor of a graduation project at AAST sponsored by Valeo.

The main idea behind that graduation project was to make a game using Unity that the employees can easily use to learn (Gamification).

The team consist of 3 awesome members

journey Coming to an End

After all these extra work and knowledge at Valeo my journey came to an end,
I have discovered that I would like to work in machine learning projects as I did back in the college in the computer vision course and on Kaggle platform during my free time.