Bkam Internship as Software Engineer

Bkam was a fast-growing startup specialized in online price comparison between available online and on-site products from several stores and get you the store link with the best price for a specific item.

At my second year I was lucky to get a recommendation from my TA Ahmed ElSharkasy to join them.

When I joined Bkam Summer 2013 at my third year of my university, I had good knowledge in Windows phone development then that was my first task to develop their windows phone mobile application (sponsored by Microsoft Egypt with a testing device at that time ).

Screenshot of the mobile app
Screenshot of the mobile app

I was able to finish this mobile app in my first month of the internship including multiple pages, communication with Bkam RESTful Api and putting the communication with the backend on a different thread than the one used by the UI to avoid any lag in the usage of the app.

After finishing this app, My second task was to work on python crawlers to extract data from online stores in a good pipeline with preprocessing for the input product names (these names were then clustered to combine same products from different online store), I was guided during my internship by Amani Khalifa.

During this internship, I was able to gain a good experience in industrial data scraping and in python development with the help of Bkam’s team at that time and with the good collaboration of its CEO at that time Mahmoud AbdElfatah.