Working at Raisa

I was able to get an offer from Raisa Egypt , a startup specialized in forecasting oil and gas from land geological features.

The scope of work was new to me, using artificial intelligence to predict the production of wells was an exciting type of work to me .And based on the type of work i expected i accepted their offer.


When i joined Raisa, my first task was to work on production forecasting models.

At first i was excited updating and tuning these models and reading papers in the field of oil and gas.

The deployment cycle of models was not finished yet and during the end of the first month i got another task Data Collection

Data Collection

This task was to update their legacy tool used to collect the data in a convenient running time (the legacy version used to run in more than 1 week ) and to add more features to it.

I was able to finish this tool during my second month ,but the requested features were taking more time for dependency on information from others.


During my second month they planned a hackathon across the company and i participated with an idea along with my colleagues Magdoub and Amal.

The idea Who’s working on what was to integrate a wiki with Microsoft Team Foundation, and a machine learning model would associate the related wiki articles together along with the VSTS tasks.

So you can use the web interface to open other’s tasks and to learn more about the technical aspects of these tasks based on the recommended articles from the wiki.

Journey coming to an end

Raisa team was nice and i liked working with them but all the future tasks for me as a data scientist were only related to data collection and controllers development and I was eager to expand my skills in the field of deep learning and looking to join more challenging Research and Development work.