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Allemny is an Arabic word that means teach me, this initiative mainly aims to encourage self-Learning and to keep teaching techniques up to date by using new education tactics to cope with the modern technologies. We are creating short videos that explain engineering topics and software in an easy way, so that everybody can understand our data.

In that project, the challenging part was to connect to YouTube API using Zend framework and to use OAuth 1 and to cache the data retrieved from YouTube to avoid exceeding API quota.

Introductory Video

Technical Aspects

I made this project during my second year at Faculty of Engineering Alexandria University in around 2 weeks after learning plain php web development and JQuery library for frontend , at that time JQuery was the top library for frontend making it easier to make ajax calls and to make animation,also i was using plain php to avoid slow loading time of available frameworks at that time (they were loading a plenty of libraries that i won’t use).

For the YouTube API, I was using php Zend framework to communicate with YouTube API. In this site I added the authentication feature and the ability to add a comment on the video on our web app, this comment will be then reflected on YouTube site.

This authentication part was tricky, as I should first handshake with the service to get an access token, this token has a specific life cycle and then will expire so I should store it and update it from YouTube API depending on its life cycle provided by YouTube API as described in the following figure:

OAuth V1
OAuth V1

This project was then updated to a better frontend with the help of my colleague and friend Sameh Salama.

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