Get Into My Mind

  • Action Classification from Still Images

    As a final project in the Computer Vision course at my college with Prof Marwan Torki, we used Pascal Voc 2010 Action Classification. This project excited me to learn more about machine learning and computer vision in specific. Since that project machine learning became a hobby to me and Kaggle platform made my life easier to learn new techniques...

  • Bkam Internship as Software Engineer

    Bkam was a fast-growing startup specialized in online price comparison between available online and on-site products from several stores and get you the store link with the best price for a specific item.

    At my second year I was lucky to get a recommendation from my TA Ahmed ElSharkasy to join them.

  • Building Reservation System

    During Summer 2013, Faculty of Engineering Alexandria University announced a competition to make an online room reservation system with automated filling of rooms based on available courses along with their capacity and required equipment in the room, I won the first prize of this contest and my system was deployed at